St. Margaret Mary Church
Liturgy Committee Report

Posted 1/20/08
On January 7, 2008, Cathy Hetzer met with the Pastoral Council to present an overview of the Liturgy Committee activities.
  1. They train Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and keep them up-to-date on procedures.
  2. They train the lectors (readers) working in conjunction with Fr. John and the Music Ministry.
  3. They train the altar servers.
  4. They stock and maintain the Care Notes library at the exit from the church.
  5. They work out the details of special Masses – such as Graduation – in co-operation with the Music Director.
  6. They participate in planning the Thanksgiving Liturgy incorporating the collection and distribution of food to the community.
  7. They integrate the Giving Tree into the Advent-Christmas season.
  8. During Advent and Lent, they work with Fr. John to schedule a Mass of Anointing, a Penitential Service, a Mass of Remembrance, decorate the altar, maintain the flowers. For the Mass of Remembrance they work with the Bereavement Committee to invite all who have lost someone during the past year. A touching component of the remembrance liturgy is the reading the name of the lost loved one.
  9. Easter Saturday, working with the RCIA program, they participate in preparation for the candidates to receive their sacraments.
  10. They participate in the Liturgy of the Word for Children.
  11. They were instrumental in developing the new "Cry Room" decor.