Stained Glass Windows

For the sacraments:

  1. The three fish symbolize the persons of the Trinity and the scalloped shell symbolizes Baptism, our initiation into the community of faith.
  2. The descending dove and 7 flames represent Confirmation.
  3. The wheat and grapes / chalice and host are elements and symbols of Communion.
  4. The book, chalice and host represent Holy Orders.
  5. The cross with interlocking rings represents the unending commitment to a Christ-centered Marriage.
  6. The Dove with the olive branch symbolizes Reconciliation while the oil cruet and hands symbolize the Sacrament of the Sick.

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Baptism  Confirmation  Eucharist
HolyOrders  Matrimony   Reconciliation

For the Biblical history the gold bands links the panels:

  1. The historical Biblical vignette begins with the planets, earth and moon coming out of a dark void. Darkness becomes light and the creation of the animals and mankind is featured.
  2. Animals are a transition to the Ark on the turbulent waters surrounded by storm clouds which give way to the rainbow- the sign of God’s Covenant to not destroy the earth by water.
  3. The rainbow arches into the next panel, which finds the rays of the sun, on which we find the Tablets of Law. The figure seen is Moses, while others interpret him to be Abraham because of the Covenant sign of the ark coming behind to meet with the next figure with whom God covenants.
    The small figures represent the line of prophets foretelling of Christ’s coming - the last one is John the Baptist. Then come the wise men following the star that announces the Messiah’s birth.
  4. Jesus and the apostles span the panels between birth to crucifixion. This represents Jesus’ active ministry.
  5. This panel shows Christ’s crucifixion and panning to the right His ascension to Heaven.
  6. Finally, the modern church, depicted by the figures ascending to St. Margaret Mary Church. The figure of St. Margaret Mary is depicted kneeling before the church at Moon Township, and a tiny moon punctuates the upper right corner of the last panel.

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Creation   Noah   Moses
Jesus  Resurrection  StMargaretMary