Religious Education Registration

SMM CCD 2018–2019 Registration

Welcome to the St. Margaret Mary’s Religious Education Program!

We are happy to announce an overall lowering of the Religious Education material fee allowing our fee to be in alignment with other local parishes. As you know, in the past, the material fee after June 15 was $100 for the first child. This year, the material fee for the first child is $75 after June 15. We continue to offer an early registration discount of $25 making the fee $50 for the first child before June 15. (The fee for each additional child remains $20.00 regardless of the registration date.)

You are encouraged to register your child(ren) before June 15. This assists us by allowing an early assessment of the program needs for the coming year. Early registration allows us more time to add classes, purchase materials or identify volunteers if required.

Please complete the attached packet. This packet is to be completed and returned to the CCD Office as soon as possible. The Dompka is open from 6:30 am until 5:30 pm, M-F. The packets may be placed in the CCD Drop Box if the office is unattended.

Material fees are as follows:

$50.00 until June 15 (early registration discounted rate)

$75.00 after June 15 (regular material fee)

(Each additional child is $20.00 regardless of date registered. Scholarships are always available for financial need.)

Please be sure to include each of the above items (plus Baptismal certificate if necessary) when your packet is returned. This will expedite processing your registration.

We are looking forward to a wonderful school year!

Kathy Petley
CCD Coordinator
Religious Education Office