Fundraising Guidelines

The parish community of St. Margaret Mary is proud to be affiliated with many organizations within the congregation that we serve. As stated in our mission statement, we are called into being to serve the spiritual needs of the community. We seek to be a parish family of spiritual and social unity — worshiping together, sharing gifts, caring for and loving one another.

As our parish family continues to grow, so does the number of requests for fundraising. Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive each year, the Pastoral Council has defined a policy for the requesting and raising of funds.

The guidelines are as follows:
  1. The organization requesting the fundraising must be directly affiliated with St. Margaret Mary Parish as listed in the Parish Handbook but not limited to the Handbook.
  2. In order for an organization to be considered for approval for fundraising within a fiscal year, a letter of request on an organization’s letterhead regarding the fundraising activity and the date of the preferred weekend must be submitted to the Pastoral Council for approval.

    The letter should contain:

    1. The organization name (letterhead),
    2. the date of submission,
    3. the contact person,
    4. contact phone number and email address,
    5. a description of the fundraising activity,
    6. and first and second choices for desired dates.

  3. Organizations will be limited to one fundraising weekend a year. {Parish educational programs are exempt from this limitation.}

    If an organization is approved, these procedures must be closely followed:
  1. Parishioners are not to be approached or directly solicited as they enter or leave church.
  2. The individual or individuals who are fundraising must be seated or standing behind a table.
  3. There are tables available at the church; please see Mr. Ray Hetzer who will direct you to the tables in storage. (Ray is available before and after all Masses.)
  4. A sign (no larger than 3 feet by 5 feet) with pertinent information such as the name of the organization, the item being sold, and its cost must be visible. The sign should be attached to the table.
  5. Fundraisers are responsible for any necessary clean–up before their departure.

Submission of a letter of request does not guarantee approval. There are collections mandated by the Diocese that take precedence. Examine the website fundraising calendar for the Diocesan schedule of collections (the monthly pattern is generally the same year–to– year). Requests will be considered based on the above policy and a letter of acceptance or denial will be forwarded upon review. You must resubmit a request each year.

It is recommended that you allow 2 months before the planned fundraiser for submission, review and response process.

Revised Dec., 2011

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